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Let’s try this again.

Last summer when I started this blog, I vowed not to let it be one of “those projects.” You know the ones–we’re all gung-ho about them, and then suddenly we just stop doing them, run out of time, get involved in something else, etc. That was not going to be me. And I did well for the first month.
Then, life happened.
Or rather, I chose to let life be my excuse for why I didn’t feel I had anything to say one week, and then the next, and so on. But there’s always something to say, isn’t there? I think I missed a lot of opportunities to get some stuff down on paper and out of my head.
Then life happened again–good stuff this time. I sold a three-book cozy series to Kensington right before Christmas, with the help of agent John Talbot. The series will feature the cat Nutty and the dog Scruffy (based on the real Tuffy and Shaggy).

I’m thrilled and excited and have a whole lot of great stuff ahead. I need to get back to this blog–or perhaps a new one when my website is up and running–and I need to get marketing, and most importantly, I need to get writing.
So there you have it. My end-of-year resolution. Here’s to a prolific, successful 2012.

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