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Meet the Muses, Part 1

Shaggy the Wonder Schnoodle

I’ll be introducing my many muses sporadically here and I thought I’d start with Shaggy, the South Carolina rescue schnoodle who lights up the world (and annoys a few cats along the way), and Petey, also from SC (and I can’t really tell you what he is).

Shaggy is destined to become a therapy dog. She makes everyone who meets her happy 🙂


Petey is a cutie in his own right, albeit a bit grouchy….but he’s coming along. Only officially bit me once.


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3 thoughts on “Meet the Muses, Part 1

  1. Hi Liz,

    My youngest son Ben has a Portugese Waterdog, Byron, who was rescued from a varity of bad domestic situations. He’s pretty cute, but he loves to surf the kitchen counters. Quite the omnivore…

  2. love them…xo

  3. They actually look very similar in the two photos. It does appear Petey is a little darker

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